This past year has been a year of lots of growth for me in almost every aspect: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, professionally. And one thing I’ve learned is to always stay true to myself. To be unapologetically me. Some people will love you, some will tolerate you, and others my not stand you and you know what? That’s’s ok. The important thing is to always stay true to yourself, to your beliefs, and to never apologize for it.


As I said this past year has been a year of GROWTH, and you know what other area of my life Ive grown in? GRACE. I have learned to show grace towards myself and others a lot more. Why? Simple. God shines His grace upon us every single day of our lives. And He calls us to be like Jesus in our everyday walk. So if He thinks we are worthy of grace, then why wouldn’t we show that same grace towards ourselves and others? 


Back to not apologizing for who we are. God placed a fire in my heart, one to serve and spread His love to others by just being me. I can be quirky, loud, and maybe sometimes a little obnoxious (lol), and sometimes I may tell a joke during really serious times (call it my defense mechanism). But there’s one thing I want to tell you about me (and I have not always been this way), you can count on me to always try to bring light in the darkness, to make light out of a difficult situation, to make you laugh and forget (even if for a second) your sadness. And please don’t ever take it as an insult, I mean well I PROMISE. I just LOVE to see people smile and laugh, and if even for a second I can help you forget about whatever it is that is blocking that smile, then you know what I have succeeded. 


In the past, I have always been afraid of speaking about God, about what He has done in my life, about how much He loves us, about how great He is. This past year, I have stepped out of my comfort zone. I have done several vendor shows, and you know what? Not once have I missed the opportunity to tell at least ONE person of His goodness, of His mercy, of His love. To excitedly exchange experiences of how He has transformed our lives, that there’s no such thing as coincidences, instead let’s call them ‘God-idences’. He has thought it all through, do you really think that you were at the right place, at the right time by pure coincidence? No, He had already designed all that.


All this, to remind you to always be your authentic self, NEVER apologize for it, because that is how our Creator designed you to be. God placed those quirks, that talent, that experience, whatever it was that made you YOU. He did that! And guess what? We serve a perfect God, and He doesn’t make mistakes. So never, even for a second apologize for being YOU!


I love you and my prayer for you today is this: Lord I pray for the beautiful person reading this today. That maybe at times, they wish they could be different, that maybe at times they aren’t happy with who they are. Today God, I ask that you change their heart. That you place a fire in their heart to be themselves even more every single day of their lives. Lord I ask you that bless the person reading this today. That whatever they may be going through today Lord you turn it for good, that you turn it into a testimony my God. Thank you for the person reading this today, I pray that they step out of their comfort zone today and start living unapologetically. Touch their hearts my God, let them feel your presence, give them the confirmation they have been seeking. Bless their life today and every day. And that if they don’t know you today my Lord, let this be day 1. In Jesus name we pray…AMEN! 


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Melanie, I only met you a few months ago, but this I know: you are a beautiful woman inside and out, a dedicated mother (your kids are so cute!), a good wife and daughter, but most importantly, you are a humble and anointed woman of God. Keep smiling, for your smile brings joy and hope to those who sometimes are struggling with pain and loneliness. Keep sharing the grace that God has instilled in you for when you extend such grace upon others you cause them to grow. Love you, Ivelisse
Ivelisse Dorta

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